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A professional business card makes you look more professional. A luxury business card, in turn, boosts this effect. It’s all about creating a good first and lasting impression.

There are many differences between standard and luxury business cards. These days it's hard to impress other people with thick cardboard or laminated business cards. Every CEO is well aware that the right business card in his hands is an effective and efficient "weapon" to attract customers. And this, in turn, means only one thing - the more non-standard, stylish, effective, and memorable your business card will be, the more new customers you can get.

Today so much communication happens digitally and some types of printed marketing materials are not as necessary but business cards will always remain a necessary part of any business deal. If you want to make an impression of carrying a business card, it better to be one that is finely crafted enough to show your care and attention to details for your business.

The difference between luxury business cards printer and typical budget business cards printer is that luxury business cards will generally be printed on offset presses which will be able to properly print fine details with clarity.

Luxury business cards - these are the same business cards, but made in various ways and technologies and unlike standard business cards, luxury business cards are unique and not alike.

In the world of business cards, as in any other product - there are budget options and luxury business cards. They are distinguished by the quality of materials, the method of application, and the arrangement of information.

"How is a luxury business card different from a regular one?" - any luxury thing is made of high-quality material and it will serve for a long time.

*In addition, the application may not be just printing, but also laser cutting, UV details, engraving.

You can pick up material for luxury business cards in accordance with your occupation.

Luxury business cards - new generation cards that meet all the established requirements and rules for processing business cards.


  1. Firstly, this is a large selection of design options, which essentially makes each business card unique. When deciding to order such business cards, you can select the background that is interesting to you, as well as the pattern option for the design of the card edges;

  2. Secondly, it's status and representativeness. Luxury business cards fit comfortably in hand, has an impressive weight and appearance. The luxury business card immediately declares the solvency and position of its owner;

  3. Thirdly, such business card is simply impossible to lose or intentionally throw away - luxury business cards are more reminiscent of a souvenir than annoying advertising and therefore everyone will like them;

  4. Fourthly, the luxury business card has a long service life. It does not wear out like paper, and therefore will serve you for many years!


  • Durability - steel used in the production of business cards, reliable material - does not crease, does not fade, does not deform under aggressive environmental influences;

  • Originality - not every person will see such a business card;

  • Unusual shape - you can give absolutely any shape to a metal business card;

  • Quality - due to the high-quality and persistent application of information, it is not erased or smeared and will always look presentable, neat, indicating a sense of style, accuracy, and individuality of its owner.



  • Extensive manufacturing capabilities - unlike paper and thick cardboard business cards, business cards made of plastic can be transparent, matt and gloss; 

  • Durability - Plastic business cards are durable. They are not susceptible to negative environmental influences, including high temperatures and moisture;

  • Printing business cards on plastic is possible on both sides using a glossy or matte surface;

  • Digital printing on plastic business cards delivers excellent image quality;
  • A perfectly smooth surface is maintained without any hooks.



  • Ergonomic design - thin, light, easy to use, give a pleasant tactile sensation;

  • High strength - wooden business cards do not crack and do not break when bent angle reaches 180 degrees;

  • Resistance to damage - less susceptible to scuffs, scratches, not afraid of moisture;

  • Environmental friendliness - they are chosen by everyone who cares about the environment;

  • Exclusive view - when developing a layout, you can choose any view, contour, through cutting through the logo and other design ideas are available;

  • Lack of burning smell - which is typical for products processed by a laser.


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